Iceland - Nature Paradise at the Arctic Circle

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The best hiking trails on the largest volcanic island on Earth

Iceland is unique. As the largest volcanic island currently on Earth, its landscape continues to be determined by the forces of nature to this day. These forces have also created a formidable environment, which can only be fully experienced as a hiker. This book by Uwe Grunewald presents various hiking areas throughout the volcanic island. It describes 8 trekking tours and more than 40 hikes of varying lengths and difficulty.

Each of the 12 hiking areas presented here is exceptional with its own unique features. The inner and outer forces of the Earth have shaped landscapes of rugged and often archaic beauty. Iceland is certainly worth several visits and the impressions from your journeys are sure to remain with you.

This guide book includes more than 700 km of hiking routes, more than 300 waypoints for GPS, more than 40 detailed hiking maps and more than 50 colour photographs.

Paperback, 21 x 11.8 cm, 228 pages, numerous colour photos and maps in scale 1:50,000 and 1:100,000, rough overview map in the cover flap

Auflage: 2018

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